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Corkery, D.C., C. Le Page, L. Meunier, D. Provencher, A-M. Mes-Masson G. Dellaire (2015) "PRP4K, a HER2 regulated modifier of taxane sensitivity" Cell Cycle (in press)

Bentley V.L., C.J. Veinotte, D.P. Corkery, J.B. Pinder, M.A. LeBlanc, K. Bedard, A.P. Weng, J.N. Berman, and G. Dellaire. (2015) "Focused chemical genomics using zebrafish xenotransplantation as a pre-clinical therapeutic platform for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia." Haematologica 100(1):70-6. (LINK)


Liu, Y., A. Asnani, L. Zou, V.L. Bentley, M. Yu, Y. Wang, G. Dellaire, K.S. Sarkar, M. Dai, H.H. Chen, D.E. Sosnovik, J.T. Shin, D.A. Haber, J.N. Berman, W. Chao, R.T. Peterson. (2014) "Visnagin protects against doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy through modulation of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase."
Science Trans. Med. 6(266):266ra170 (LINK)

Klement, K., M.S. Luijsterburg, J.B. Pinder, C.S. Cena, V. Del Nero, C.M. Wintersinger, G. Dellaire, H. van Attikum, A.A. Goodarzi. (2014) "Opposing ISWI- and CHD-class chromatin remodeling activities orchestrate heterochromatic DNA repair."
J. Cell Biol. 207(6):717-733 (LINK)

Lemaître, C., A. Grabarz, K. Tsouroula, L. Andronov, A. Furst, T. Pankotai, V. Heyer, M. Rogier, K.M. Attwood, P. Kessler, G. Dellaire, B. Klaholz, B. Reina-San-Martin, and E. Soutoglou. (2014) "Nuclear position dictates DNA repair pathway choice."
Genes Dev. 28(22):2450-63 (LINK)

Cancer Genomics: From Bench to Personalized Medicine. Editors: G. Dellaire, J.N. Berman and R. Arceci. Elsevier

Stairs, C.W., L. Eme, L., M.W. Brown, C. Mutsaers, E. Susko, G. Dellaire, D. Soanes, M. van der Giezen, and A.J. Roger (2014) “A mitochondrial sulfur mobilization (SUF) system in the anaerobe Pygsuia”. Current Biology 24(11):1176-86

Veinotte, C, G. Dellaire, and J. N. Berman (2014) “Hooking the Big One: The potential of zebrafish xenotransplantation to reform cancer drug screening in the genomic eraDisease Models and Mechanisms. (7):745-754 (LINK)

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Salsman J, J. Pinder, B. Tse, D. Corkery, G. Dellaire. (2013) "The translation initiation factor 3 subunit eIF3K interacts with PML and associates with PML nuclear bodies".
Exp Cell Res. 319(17):2554-65.(PDF)

Pinder JB, Attwood KM, and Dellaire G..(2013) "Reading, writing, and repair: the role of ubiquitin and the ubiquitin-like proteins in DNA damage signaling and repair."
Front Genet. 4:45 (LINK)

Hawco CLA, Marchal E, Uddin I, Baker AEG, Corkery DP, *Dellaire G and *Thompson A.(2013) "Synthesis and biological evaluation of prodigiosene conjugates of porphyrin, estrone and 4-hydroxytamoxifen." Bioorganic & Med. Chem. (in press) (LINK) *Co-corresponding

Soares IN, Caetano FA, Pinder J, Roz Rodrigues B, Beraldo FH, Ostapchenko VG, Durette C, Schenatto Pereira G, Lopes MH, Queiroz-Hazarbassanov N, Cunha IW, Sanematsu PI, Suzuki S, Bleggi-Torres LF, Schild-Poulter C, Thibault P, Dellaire G, Martins VR, Prado VF, Prado MA. (2013) "Regulation of stress-inducible phosphoprotein 1 nuclear retention by PIAS1"
Mol Cell Proteomics. (in press) (LINK)

Smithen DA, Forrester AM, Corkery DP, Dellaire G, Colpitts J, McFarland SA, Berman JN, Thompson A. (2013) "Investigations regarding the utility of prodigiosenes to treat leukemia.".
Org Biomol Chem. 11(1):62-8 (LINK)

Langelaan DN, Reddy T, Banks AW, Dellaire G, Dupré DJ, Rainey JK. (2013) "Structural features of the apelin receptor N-terminal tail and first transmembrane segment implicated in ligand binding and receptor trafficking". Biochim Biophys Acta. 1828(6):1471-83 (LINK)


Konantz M, Balci TB, Hartwig UF, Dellaire G, André MC, Berman JN, Lengerke C. (2012) "Zebrafish xenografts as a tool for in vivo studies on human cancer."
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2012 1266:124-37(LINK)

Andrin, C., D. McDonald, K.M. Attwood, A. Rodrigue, S. Ghosh, R. Mirzayans, J-Y. Masson, G. Dellaire, and M.J. Hendzel (2012) "A Requirement for polymerized actin in DNA double strand break repair." Nucleus 2012 3(4) (LINK)

Kuang, Y-Q., N. Charette, J. Frazer, P.J. Holland, K.M. Attwood, G. Dellaire, D.J. Dupré. (2012) "Dopamine Receptor-Interacting Protein 78 Acts as a Molecular Chaperone for CCR5 Chemokine Receptor Signaling Complex Organization".
PLos ONE 7(7): e40522 (LINK)

*Salsman, J., M. Jagannathan, P. Paladino, P.-K. Chan, G. Dellaire, B. Raught, and L. Frappier (2012) "Proteomic profiling of the human cytomegalovirus UL35 gene products reveals a role for UL35 in the DNA repair response " Journal of Virology 86(2):806-20 (LINK) *Cover of JVI issue 86(4)


Xavier, A.C., H. Edwards, A.A. Dombkowski, T.B. Balci, J.N. Berman, G. Dellaire, C. Xie, S.A. Buck, L.H. Matherly, Y. Ge, and J.W. Taub. (2011) "A unique role for GATA1 in Down Syndrome acute megakaryocytic leukemia biology and therapy" PLoS ONE 6(11): e27486. (LINK)

Bauer, D.C., K. Willadsen, F.A. Buske, K. LeCao, T.L. Bailey, G. Dellaire, and M. Bodén. (2011) "Sorting the nuclear proteome" Bioinformatics 27(13):i7-14 (LINK)

Corkery, D., G. Dellaire*, and J. Berman (2011) “Leukemia Xenotransplantation in Zebrafish - Chemotherapy Response Assay in vivo" British Journal of Haematology 153(6):786-789    * Joint corresponding author PDF

  • Supplementary Movies: K562 Cells (MOVIE 1) and NB4 Cells circulating in the zebrafish (MOVIE 2)

*Kepkay, R., K.M. Attwood, Y. Ziv, Y., Shiloh, and G. Dellaire (2011) “KAP1 depletion increases PML nuclear body number in concert with ultrastructural changes in chromatin.Cell Cycle 10(2):308-322    PDF

   *This article was also the subject of two News & Views articles: Hemmerich, 2011; Salomoni, 2011

Cann, K. and G. Dellaire (2011) “Heterochromatin and the DNA damage response: the need to relaxBiochem. Cell Biol. 89(1):45-60     PDF

Cann, K., S. Huang and G. Dellaire (2011) " Nuclear Subdomains in Cancer", book chapter In Advances in Nuclear Architecture, Eds. Adams and Freemont, Springer.


Bodén M., G. Dellaire, K. Burrage, T.L. Bailey (2010) “A Bayesian network model of proteins' association with promyelocytic leukemia (PML) nuclear bodies.J. Comput. Biol. 17(4):617-630    PDF

Cann, K. and G. Dellaire (2010) “The nucleolus as a biomarker in cancer: past and futureCan. J. Pathol. 2(1):30-34    PDF


*Dellaire, G., R. Kepkay and D.P.Bazett-Jones (2009) "High resolution imaging of changes in the structure and spatial organization of chromatin, γ-H2A.X and the MRN complex within etoposide-induced DNA repair foci.". Cell Cycle. 8(22):3750-3769
*(Cover of Cell Cycle)     PDF

This article was also subject of a News & Views article.


Dellaire, G. and D.P.Bazett-Jones (2007) "Beyond Repair Foci: Subnuclear Domains and the Cellular Response to DNA Damage". Cell Cycle. 6(15):1864-1872.     PDF


Dellaire, G., R. Ching, K. Ahmed, K. Tse, F. Jalali, R.G. Bristow, and D.P. Bazett-Jones. (2006a) “PML nuclear bodies are DNA damage sensors whose response to DNA double-strand breaks is regulated by NBS1, Chk2 and ATR”.
J. Cell Biol. 175(1):55-66    PDF

Block, G., C.H. Eskiw, G. Dellaire, and D.P. Bazett-Jones.(2006) “Transcriptional regulation is affected by subnuclear targeting of reporter plasmids to PML nuclear bodiesMol. Cell. Biol. 26(23):8814-8825   Pubmed

*Dellaire, G.,  R. Ching, H. Dehghani, Y. Ren and D.P. Bazett-Jones. (2006b) “ PML nuclear bodies increase in number in early S-phase by a fission mechanism”. J. Cell Sci. 119(6):1026-1033. (*article highlighted by JCS).   PDF

*Dellaire, G., C. Eskiw, H. Dehghani, R. Ching, and D.P. Bazett-Jones. (2006c) “Mitotic Accumulations of PML protein (MAPPs) contribute to the post-mitotic re-establishment of PML nuclear bodies.J. Cell Sci. 119(6):1034-1042. (*article highlighted by JCS).    Pubmed

*Kruhlak, M.J., A. Celeste, G. Dellaire, O. Fernandez-Capetillo,W.G. Müller, J.G. McNally, D.P. Bazett-Jones, and A. Nussenzweig. (2006) “Changes in chromatin structure and mobility in living cells at sites of DNA double-strand breaks” J. Cell Biol. 172(6):823-834 (*Highlighted by JCB, reviewed by the Faculty of 1000)    Pubmed  


*Al Rashid, S.T., G. Dellaire, F. Jalali, M. Vaid, M. Folkard, Y. Xu, D.J. Chen,L. Lilge,K.M. Prise, D.P. Bazett-Jones, and R.G. Bristow. (2005) “Evidence for the direct binding of phosphorylated p53 to sites of DNA breaks In vivo. Cancer Res. 65(23):10810-10821
*(Cover of Cancer Res.)   Pubmed
Ching, R.W., G. Dellaire, C.H. Eskiw and D.P. Bazett-Jones (2005) “PML nuclear bodies: a meeting place for genomic loci?J. Cell Sci. 118(5):847-854.   Pubmed

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*Dellaire, G. and D.P. Bazett-Jones (2004) “PML  nuclear bodies: Dynamic sensors of DNA damage and cellular stress”. Bioessays 26(9):963-977.   *(Cover of Bioessays)   PDF
Eskiw, C., G. Dellaire, and D.P. Bazett-Jones. (2004)“Chromatin contributes to structural integrity of PML bodies through a SUMO-1-independent mechanism”. J. Biol. Chem.  279(10):9577-9585.   Pubmed

Dellaire, G., R. Nisman, and D.P. Bazett-Jones. (2004) "Correlative light and electron spectroscopic imaging of chromatin in situ." Methods in Ezymology, 375:456-478.   PDF


*Eskiw, C., G. Dellaire, J.S. Mymryck and D.P. Bazett-Jones. (2003)“Size, position and dynamic behaviour of PML nuclear bodies following cell stress as a paradigm for supramolecular trafficking and assembly”J. Cell Sci. 116(21): 4455-4466.
*(article highlighted by JCS, cover caption).   Pubmed

*Dellaire, G., R. Farrall, and W.A. Bickmore. (2003) “The Nuclear Protein Database (NPD): Subnuclear localization and functional annotation of the nuclear proteome”. Nucl. Acids Res 31(1):328-330.
*(reviewed by Nat. Rev. Genet., J. Cell Sci.   and Science)   Pubmed Visit  NPD!


*Collins, N., Garcia-Jimenez, N., I. Kukimoto, C. Garcia-Jimenez, G.Dellaire, and P. D. Varga-Weisz (2002) “ACF1 chromatin remodeling factor is essential for DNA replication in mammalian cells.” Nat. Genet. 32(4):627-632. *(highlighted by Nat. Genet., reviewed by the Faculty of 1000)   Pubmed 

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*Dellaire, G., J. Yan, K. Little, R. Drouin and P. Chartrand. (2002b) “Evidence that extrachromosomal and chromosomal double-strand break repair are coupled in mammalian cells”. Chromosoma 111(5):304-312.   *(Cover of Chromosoma)   Pubmed


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Poot, R.A., Dellaire, G., Hulsmann, B.B., Grimaldi, M.A., Corona, D.F., Becker, P.B., Bickmore, W.A., and Varga-Weisz, P.D. (2000) "HuCHRAC, a human ISWI chromatin remodelling complex contains hACF1 and two novel histone-fold proteins." EMBO J. 2000 Jul 3;19(13):3377-3387.   Pubmed

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